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Afneembare Keelriem voor de Breathe Easy Hoofdstellen

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Both the Breathe Easy Hunter and Noble Bridles come without a throatlash as standard. Whilst a throatlash is very rarely needed it is essential during the cross country phase of British Eventing competitions. 

The removable throatlash features an elastic loop on each end that easily slots onto the bridle to sit above the noseband buckles. This lower throatlash positioning allows for the throatlash to be fastened securely without risking interference with  breathing. 
The removable throatlash can also be easily slotted onto the bridle headpiece sitting above the browband for a higher throatlash positioning.

Made in the UK form the finest Sedgwick English Leather The Removable Throatlash is currently available in one standard size  but can be made to a custom length if required.


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€ 129,95 € 109,95